Why Get Pre-Approved?
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Here are four reasons:

  • Learn exactly how much you qualify for?
  • Learn if you qualify to make an offer not subject to the sale of your home. Evaluate the risks of doing so.
  • Find out what current programs may suit your individual needs. Fixed rates, arms, interest only loans...? Dozens of programs that were available just six months ago no longer exist.
  • Strengthen your negotiating position. Some sellers won't even look at an offer unless you submit evidence that you have been pre-approved.
We make it easy.

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Top Five Reasons to Call

    1. Low Rates!
    2. Low Fees!
    3. No cost consultations!
    4. We complete the paperwork for you!
    5. Process is simple and fast!

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What we need to get you pre-approved:

Verify your income
(Not needed for "no income" verification loans.)

Verify your assets

Run your credit report

Even if you have been pre-approved with another company, we recommend that you call us. Compare our advice, professionalism, service, benefits and interest rates.

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