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Your major focus right now may be getting your home under contract to a qualified buyer. However, you need to plan ahead. Will you be purchasing a new home? If that's the case, are you pre-approved?

Here are five reasons why you should get pre-approved now:

  1. Learn if you qualify to make an offer not subject to the sale of your home. Evaluate the risks of doing so.
  2. Learn exactly how much you qualify for?
  3. Find out what current programs may suit your individual needs. There are many good choices today. You need an expert to explain your options and guide you with this process.
  4. Strengthen your negotiating position. Some sellers won't even look at an offer unless you submit a pre-approval letter simultaneously.
  5. Dozens of programs that were available just 6 months ago no longer exist. Our industry is undergoing changes on a daily basis. Being preapproved and understanding your current options is more important than ever.

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