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Our program may be just right for you.
Our experience shows that most of the time what attracts potential buyers to your home, is not expensive ads or posting your property on various web-sites that cost you lots of money. Most of the time, people learn about your home from your neighbors and from simple, inexpensive yard signs.

Why should you partner with us? There is no contract to sign and no cost.
Many potential buyers looking to purchase your home will not be pre-approved by a lender. Some may have spoken to a lender over the phone, but few will have been formally pre-approved. Accepting an offer from them can be high risk. You may find out 30 days after accepting an offer that your buyers do not qualify for their mortgage. You will then need to start the process of trying to sell your home all over again.

That's where we help you the homeowner!
Our goal is to screen all your potential buyers to make sure they can afford your home. We offer free pre-approvals to anyone that views your property. Our pre-approvals will guarantee that you are working with quality buyers.

Here is how our program works:
We provide you with sign in sheets. Ask each person who views your home to fill in his or her name and phone number. Your responsibility is simply to contact us with the names and phone numbers of the people who have viewed your home within 24 hours of their visit. You can email, fax, or call us with this information.

We then become your marketing team. We will call each person to get feedback on what they thought of your home. If they are interested in your property, our goal will be to screen them by making sure they can afford your home. We will then contact you to give you an update regarding these potential buyers. If they make you an offer, you will have the confidence to proceed.

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Summary of Benefits:

We help you by screening your potential buyers.

We help you offering mortgage solutions that qualify more potential buyers for the purchase of your home. (We are experts at advising and approving loans that are not subject to the sale of one's existing home and we offer many unique programs.)

We help you by acting as your very own marketing team by calling everyone that walks through your property.

We help you by pre-approving you for your next mortgage.

You help us by providing us leads.

This is a Win-Win-Win relationship.

A win for you, for us and for your buyers!

To enroll, simply call us at 847 592-9215 and speak to one of our FSBO Specialists. It takes about 5 minutes on the phone or e-mail us and a FSBO specialist will contact you.

Simple, powerful and no-cost!

Partnering with Us = Peace of Mind.

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