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So you found a house and want to make an offer, but your current home is not under contract? You are considering making a non-contingent offer. What are your options? Here are a few:


  • Use your existing line of credit for your down payment.
    (That is, if you already have one.)
  • Take out two loans on your new purchase. The first loan for the amount that you will need once your home sells. The second loan for the amount that you conservatively believe you will pay off once your home sells. As soon as your house sells, you simply pay off the second loan.

You wouldn't try to perform brain surgery on a friend just because you read some medical books, would you? Why would you go at this alone? It is most critical in this scenario to be working with an experienced mortgage consultant. Allow us to help you.

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What are the risks of
a non-contingent offer:

Double mortgage payments
Maintaining two homes

Uncertainty of when your home will sell

Slow down in the real estate market

We will explain your options clearly for you to understand. You will then be able to make an informed intelligent decision.

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