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Do you presently have two loans on your property? Typically the 2nd loan has a higher rate or it is a fluctuating rate based on prime rate. (Known as a home equity line of credit). Fixed rate first mortgages are still at historical lows. Perhaps now is the time to consolidate your two loans into one.

We will calculate what your current "blended rate" is. (The weighted average of your two loans.) You can then weigh the pros and cons and decide if it makes sense to combine them.

Consolidate both loans into one easy payment.
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Factors that will be considered:

Amount of loan and interest rate on your first loan.
Whether you have a fixed rate or an arm on your first loan.
Amount of loan on your 2nd loan.
Your combined loan to value and how long you plan on keeping your home.
Current value of your property.
It is important that you work with an experienced, trustworthy professional to determine if this is a wise choice for you.

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