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Improving the value of your property typically requires making improvements that add square footage or enhance functionality, e.g., a room addition or converting a closet to a bathroom. The following ideas will improve your home's saleability without having to make costly value improvements. Your home will sell faster and bring a higher sale-to-list-price ratio than the competition when the following factors have been addressed. Your home's saleability rating is primarily a function of condition. Use this list as a guide to prepare your home for showing and "showing off."
1. Landscaping. . . Is Your Grass Greener?
  • Keep your lawn mowed frequently & keep it fertilized
  • "Weed" your planting beds, and trim any overgrown trees and plantings
  • Sod or re-seed problem areas
  • Repair, repaint or clean lamps/lamp posts, the mailbox, birdbaths/statuary, basketball hoops
6. Bathrooms Clean, Bright, Hygienic.
  • Ceramic fixtures must sparkle
  • Polish handles and controls
  • Bathrooms must smell fresh
  • Fresh color-coordinated towels (use a special "home-showing" set)
  • Store personal items, e.g., razors, toothbrushes, shampoos, etc.
2. Welcome...
        Your Front Door Makes The First Impression
  • Clean or paint the front door
  • Wash glass in storm door, sidelights, porch lights
  • Adjust latches, locks, and handles
  • Repair front walk/steps and keep them clean and free of debris
  • Polish hardware including knobs, locks, and door knockers
  • Clean doorbell and insure its proper operation
7. Closets and Other Storage Mysteries.
  • Keep them clean
  • Sort, store, and pack out-of-season clothes
  • Organize shoes, ties, belts, scarves, etc.
  • Repair shelving and hardware
  • Make sure doors operate easily
3. You Do "Do Windows" Don't You?
  • Clean windows reflect well on you
  • Clean windows make a home brighter
  • Clean windows make window coverings more attractive
8. Appliances/Mechanicals.
  • Clean all appliances frequently inside and out
  • Vacuum or dust around the furnace
  • Change the furnace filter (every 30 days)
  • Clean the water heater/water softener tanks
  • Repair noisy or poorly operating equipment
  • Security system: Make sure it is in working order
4. Remove Clutter.
  • Collections must be organized (better yet, pack and store them!)
  • Items on horizontal surfaces should be kept to a minimum
  • Pack and store knickknacks
  • Remove yesterday's newspaper, display current magazine issues only
  • Sort and discard personal items (or have a garage sale!)
  • Store extra furniture
  • Keep toys, schoolbooks, athletic equipment picked up
9. Decorating.
  • Polish and dust wood surfaces
  • Re-glue peeling wall paper
  • Fill, patch, and paint nail holes
  • Replace broken switch plates and electrical outlet
    covers Pack and store that special "hard-to-decorate
    -around" wall-hanging Aunt Alice gave you as a
    wedding gift
  • Repaint walls neutral colors
  • Clean and polish hardwood floors and clean carpets
    (replace when worn or offer a carpet allowance)
5. The Kitchen...
        The Most Important Room In The House.
  • Countertops must be clean and uncluttered
  • Stove top, oven, sink, dishwasher (everything must be spic and span)
  • Wet mop the floor as often as necessary
  • Organize pantry, cabinets, and storage areas
  • Keep food storage areas (cabinets, pantry, refrigerator) clean and fresh
  • Buyers often judge the whole house by the condition of the oven/stove top
10. Repairs.
  • Obvious repairs must be completed before showing your home, e.g.,
  • Roof, gutters, and down spouts
  • Window panes
  • Water pipe leaks
  • Broken locks and latches
  • Driveway and sidewalks
  • Replace missing siding or tuck point brick/stone work
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